Choosing a website platform is one of the most important decisions you have to make for your business.

There are a lot of different website platforms out there and some of the DIY website platforms like Wix, Weebly, Shopify and Squarespace do a great of marketing their platform and presenting themselves as so easy to use. However, some of them can actually be detrimental to your business.

Then there’s WordPress, a completely customizable, open-source (meaning free) content management system.

I have used all of the website platforms listed above and want to save you the time, money and stress and provide you with the advice that I wish I had received when I started my first website.

DIY Website Builders vs WordPress

The best way to describe the difference between the DIY website builders (like Wix, Weebly, Shopify and Squarespace) and WordPress is with this analogy:

When you go with a DIY website builders, it’s like renting an apartment. You can paint the walls, hang up artwork and arrange your furniture. But if you want to knock out a wall or add a room, you can’t.

Having a WordPress website is like owning a house that you own and can completely customize.

It’s very important when picking which website platform to use that you think about the future state of your business. Right now you may only want a 5-page brochure website but what about in the future if you want to add certain functionality? That’s why it’s important to build your site with the right platform from the beginning.

If you’re looking for a website that you 100% own and completely customize, I strongly recommend WordPress.

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Why WordPress is the Best Website Platform

WordPress powers 42% of all the websites around the world. It is free, open-source software and easy to use.

  • You will own all of your content and no one can “turn off” your website because it doesn’t meet their terms of service (of course all legal laws still apply).
  • With WordPress, you have full control. You can add any free, paid or custom plugins to your site and modify everything.
  • You can add ads to your website, make revenue from it and not share that revenue with anyone.
  • You can create a thriving e-commerce store and sell your products and services or create a membership site or offer online bookings – all on WordPress.
  • You can add Google Analytics to your site, which adds powerful tracking ability and create customized reports so you can monitor every aspect of your website’s performance

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How to Get Started with WordPress

To get started with WordPress, you will need a website host. Once you select your website host, you can install WordPress on your server.

While WordPress is 100% free to use, there is a monthly fee for hosting your website. There are tons of different website hosts you can pick but I strongly recommend Cloudways. Here are 10 reasons why Cloudways is the best website host for your WordPress website.

Use promo code JOTOTHEWEB for 20% off Cloudways – Sign Up for Cloudways Here. vs

It’s very important to note that WordPress is different WordPress is open source (meaning free) and the website is is a web hosting provider by Automatic, a company led by the one of the WordPress co-founders, which is why it has the same name.

Unlike, has several limitations and I don’t recommend hosting your site with as you won’t get all the benefits mentioned in this article.

How to Build Your Dream Website with WordPress

Once you’ve installed WordPress on your server, the next decision you’ll need to make is picking a theme. I recommend Hello Theme by Elementor. I also recommend using Elementor, which is a website builder that you can use to design your WordPress website.

In Summary:

  • WordPress is free, customizable and 100% yours
  • To get started with WordPress, sign up for web hosting and install WordPress
  • Build your dream website with WordPress, Hello Theme and Elementor
  • If you need any help, let’s connect!