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Web Designer in Halifax - Jo


I'm Jo, Web Designer & Founder

My number one goal when designing websites is helping your business grow. But what about after your website goes live? My help doesn’t need to end.

My Monthly Care Plan will save you hours upon hours each month. You can leave all the updating and monitoring to an expert so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business. 

How I Can Help

Ongoing Website Care

Security & Protection

Security breaches can be detrimental to your company. Get extra protection from hackers, bugs, plugin conflicts, and other website malfunctions.

Performance Optimization

An un-optimized site can lead to poor performance, slow loading times and a gradual loss of Google SEO rankings. I will keep your website fully optimized. 

Custom Reports

Make informed decisions with custom analytics reports tracking website activity such as page views, acquisition sources, demographics and website visitor behaviour. 

Content Changes

Need a new image posted or a price change? My plan includes one hour of updating the website with new content or making any changes requested. 

Technical Support

Need a hand with anything? My plan includes one hour of support by phone, email or video to help with any troubleshooting, technical difficulties or “how to” training.


Have reassurance that you won’t lose content as I take monthly backups to remote storage to ensure your site can easily be restored from the last backup for any reason. 

If You Owned an Airplane...

You would most likely pay for:

Why would you pay for these things? To prevent crashes and keep your airplane performing at top speed.

My Monthly Care Plan will keep your website protected, optimized and thriving

Website Maintenance

Why Updates Matter

Once a website is live, it’s essential to protect it from malware and hackers that can take your site down and destroy your Google rankings.

Over 50% of all web traffic is currently spammers, bots, malware and hackers.

The #1 leading cause of website hacks is out of date plugins, themes and WordPress itself.  It’s essential to keep ALL of your plugins updated regularly. 

Update Alerts

My plan will save you the time, energy and trouble of manually completing 10-20 updates (one by one) each month. 

Updates - What's Involved

Properly Updating Your Website

Your pixel perfect website looks great when it’s launched but it could be the next day, the next month or the next year when you update one plugin and it wreaks havoc on the rest of the site.

One plugin update can conflict with another and suddenly all your formatting is gone, your menu isn’t working or items are missing. Plugin updates can cause a tsunami of issues throughout your website and it can be difficult to pinpoint and fix the problem.

My Approach

How I Carefully Update Your Site


Manually Back Up Your Website

Before updating any plugin, theme, or WordPress itself, I take a manual offsite backup that goes to remote storage so your content can be easily restored should any plugin update malfunction or conflict with other tools on your website.


Update One Plugin At a Time

I update each plugin one at a time and perform various tests to ensure there are no conflicts throughout the website. Once clear, I move onto the next plugin and repeat the process.

On average, there are 10-20 updates each month. 


Fix or Restore

If there is a conflict, I will either try to fix the issue or restore your website to it’s previous version. 

As a member of several web developer communities, I have an ear to the ground on plugin updates and I often hear warnings that certain updates are unstable. 


Report & Monitor

I provide monthly reports on the updates that have been completed and monitor your site for any issues. 

You can have peace of mind knowing that an expert is updating and monitoring your website and you can focus on running your business. 

Track performance

Get Custom Analytics Reports

Emailed Automatically

Get weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports delivered to your inbox.

Make Informed Decisions

Use your reports to determine changes to your content and marketing strategy.

Custom Data

I am certified in Google Analytics and can customize the reports based on the information you would like to receive.

Custom Analytics Report

See Acquisition Sources

See how visitors are finding out about your site. This information allows you to focus on what is working best.

Track Behaviour

See what pages are being viewed, how long visitors are staying on your site and so much more.

Understand Demographics

Knowing who your website visitors are can help you provide more targeted content.

My Monthly Care Plan

What's Included:

Start Your Monthly Care Plan Today

Save Time

I can save you the time and energy of maintaining your website so that you can be focused on your business.

No Stress

You won’t have to worry about the security of your site, optimizing your website for the best performance, plugin updates and conflicts and even content changes.

Peace of Mind

You will also have the peace of mind that an expert is on top of your site and is there to help with any technical challenges you may face.

Plans can be cancelled anytime. Please note, hours (of technical support and content changes) do not carry forward to future months.

Please contact me with any questions or to start your Monthly Care Plan.

$99/month + tax